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Project A – What is It?

Project A Wheels
Project A – Alpha85 Wheels

Project A is a revolutionary set of wheels manufactured within Europe, exclusive to Quality-assured, Project A wheels are developed to fit a wide array of different vehicle styles, and are therefore not aimed towards a particular vehicle model. Project A wheels have got the younger generation in mind, developed towards looking fresh, and sporty. The price range of Project A wheels range from the low £200’s, up to £500. All of the Project A wheels come in modern, forward-thinking designs that revolutionise the alloy wheel market.


The Materials

Due to Project A being developed and manufactured using the strongest and finest materials, and being developed within Europe by our European development team, Project A have revolutionised the alloy market providing a wheel that looks exquisite at a low price tag. Within recent years, the alloy wheel market has been full of cheap Chinese knock-offs that don’t look the part, but being sold at the same price tag as Project A. Project A has come along and completely turned this around, providing a beautiful looking wheel at an extremely cost effective price.


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