Calibre Alloy Wheels

Calibre is a brand that was created in 2009 and came with a niche design to introduce to the market. Calibre has proved to be an extremely popular brand across a wide range of the alloy wheel market sectors offering drivers the design they always wanted which other manufacturers failed to bring.

Calibre alloy wheels logo
Calibre has received great interest from some of the biggest names in the industry such as Fast Car, Performance VW, Banzai and Autosport. We are also featured on some of the UK’s greatest cars, 4×4’s, SUV’s and vans.

Alloys by Calibre to fit all vehicles

Calibre alloy wheels have a strong and reliable frame that is crafted to perfection with the finest materials. Aswell as being one of the most reliable alloy wheels in the market, Calibre offers designs that suit all type of cars, vans and 4×4’s. With one of the broadest range of designs we offer couture, contemporary and retro styles so our alloy wheels never look out of place weather they are on a BMW or Transit van.

Here at Alloy Wheels we have been offering the Calibre alloy wheels since they were first introduced to the UK market. It is a brand we trust and that customers love. All Calibre products are at the front of the alloy wheels market with their excellent attention to detail and superior craftsmanship. Being one of the leading alloy wheels brand in the UK which not only improve the look and design of your car but also improve the performance and feel of your vehicle. We can offer a first class worldwide delivery service to make sure you receive your wheels in prestige condition and as fast as possible.

calibre alloywheels range
Just a small selection from the Calibre range

Caibre Alloys on Finance

Since the Calibre brand is in such high demand we also offer a finance option that allows you to be flexible with your payments. You can find out more about our finance programme here.

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