F1 Catch Up

Ahead of the Monaco GP, we’re looking back over this season’s races for a recap.

The Formula One 2017 winners so far…

Five races in, and these are the results:

  • Australian Grand Prix Winner: Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari)
  • Chinese Grand Prix Winner: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
  • Bahrain Grand Prix Winner: Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari)
  • Russian Grand Prix Winner: Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes)
  • Spanish Grand Prix Winner: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)


Which teams and drivers are leading the points tables?

The Mercedes team currently top the Constructor table with 161 points, placing Ferrari second and Red Bull third.

Top 10 Teams

  • Mercedes – 161
  • Ferrari – 153
  • Red Bull – 72
  • Force India – 53
  • Toro Rosso – 21
  • Williams – 18
  • Renault Sport – 14
  • Sauber – 0
  • Haas – 9
  • McLaren – 0

Top 10 Drivers

Right now, Sebastian Vettel leads with 104 points, closely followed by Lewis Hamilton on 98:

  • Sebastian Vettel – 104
  • Lewis Hamilton – 98
  • Valtteri Bottas – 63
  • Kimi Raikkonen – 49
  • Daniel Ricciardo – 37
  • Max Verstappen – 35
  • Sergio Perez – 34
  • Esteban Ocon – 19
  • Felipe Massa – 18
  • Carlos Sainz – 17


The Spanish Grand Prix results

There was an ongoing battle during the action-packed Spanish race that ended with Hamilton as the victor, with a time of 1 hour 35 minutes 56.497 seconds. Originally on pole, Hamilton had to then take back his lead from Vettel after the very first corner and fought his way back to the top on lap 44. This was his 55th win and that World Championship title is certainly in his sights now that just 6 points separate him and Vettel.


F1 Highlights

In Australia, Vettel took the lead from Hamilton in the pit lane and didn’t let go. On to China and Hamilton moves up to first place. In Bahrain, Vettel lead the driver championship, with Hamilton being hit with a 5 second time penalty for obstructing Ricciardo. Russia got off to a dramatic start and once the race settled down, Bottas stormed into the top spot.

From May 25th – 28th, all eyes will be on the Circuit de Monaco in Monte Carlo for the Monaco Grand Prix and the next winner take to the podium.

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Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

has a great range of diamond cut alloy wheels, but what exactly are they and how are they made?

The diamond cutting process, also commonly known as diamond polishing, is fairly similar to that of powder coating, except a machine cut finish is added to the wheel’s front face. This makes it extremely shiny (much like the back of a CD) and if you look closely there are lots of little lines across the surface that have been formed as a result of being turned on a lathe. To personalise the wheel, inserts can be painted and although black and silver are the most popular, any colour can be chosen.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

A popular & desired finish

Diamond cut wheels have become increasingly popular over the years and more cars are now fitted with them, however powder coating offers greater durability for alloy refurbishment. Alloys can only be diamond cut a couple of times before safety is a real concern, as removing too many layers can seriously affect the integrity of the wheel and weaken it.

The finish can be applied to either the wheel’s full face or just the lip, depending on the effect you want to create. The incredibly smooth surface is perfect for repairing chips and dents; applying the lacquer to a polished surface involves a greater level of difficulty but allows for many different wheel finishes.

Diamond cut alloy wheel examples

Here are some of the stunning diamond cut alloy wheels alloywheels.com has to offer:

Project-A – Beta60 (Black Polished)

Project-A – Beta60 (Black Polished)

Project-A – Alpha85 (Silver)

Project-A – Alpha85 (Silver)

The diamond cutting process

To refurbish a wheel it is taken off a vehicle and then the tyre needs to be removed before blasting off any old layers of lacquer and paint. Preparation may involve chemically stripping in an acid bath if the wheel is in particularly poor condition. By gently heating the wheel, air is removed and an initial powder coat finish is then applied and cured, with a second coat being optional if a certain effect is desired. After being left to cool, the wheel is ready to go on the lathe where a thin layer of alloy is cut away. A clear lacquer is applied to prevent corrosion, the wheel is returned to the oven for the final curing stage and there you have it, one eye-catching diamond cut alloy wheel.

Choosing a particular base coat paint can give a really striking finish to the wheel. It is important to keep in mind though, that this precise process is not suitable for every type of alloy as it depends on the profile of the face.

Choose from a range of diamond cut alloys on alloywheels.com

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Blancpain GT Series 2016

Let us introduce you to the Blancpain GT Series, tell you just why we love it so much and most importantly, why you should be watching it! It’s fast-paced, unpredictable and a must-see for any motorsport fan, but many have never even heard of it; this is why we want to bring this incredible event to your attention so you too can experience the thrills and spills for yourself.


Where it all began…

So, let’s start with this year’s event – way back in September, the Blancpain GT Series 2016 calendar was announced at Stephane Ratel’s annual SRO Motorsport Group press conference and plans for the championships were at last confirmed. 2016 marks the third season of the world’s biggest GT series and this year’s event has been running since April 10th, reaching its thrilling conclusion on October 2nd in Barcelona.

Over the years, since it was created in 2011, the Blancpain Endurance Series has become the global reference for GT racing; mostly reserved for GT3 cars, it takes them into this endurance format which consists of 3 hours racing and 2 mandatory pit stops. Cars must now spend a set minimum time in the pit; this is to reduce the refuelling and wheel change developments, which have become more expensive and complex, with the intention of making the processes as quick as possible.


What’s new for 2016?

5 Endurance Cup rounds and 5 Sprint Cup rounds make up the 10 rounds in total and special measures have been put in place to better unite elements of the two; their class structures have been harmonised for 2016 as they now share a points system and driver categories. The number of events has been dropped from 12 to 10 whilst the prize money has increased, so it really is all changing this year. Only the most complete GT drivers will be victorious and since we have seen many young, highly skilled drivers take part each season, ‘edge of your seat’ excitement is guaranteed.

Supporters of the series include Audi, Hexis, Total and Pirelli, who also supply their 2015 Endurance tyres for use in each of the 10 events. Among the awesome selection of cars present this year you will see Aston Martin, Porsche, Jaguar, Ferrari, McLaren and Bentley – Top Gear’s own Chris Harris took part in the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup for Team Parker Bentley in the Continental GT3. With the introduction of new elements, extraordinarily talented drivers and a whole host of exciting races to watch there has never been a better time to discover the Blancpain GT Series and everything it has to offer.

You can either watch the races live or catch up with past broadcasts by visiting the official Blancpain GT Series website.


Image credit: 1st Photo2nd Photo 

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Calibre alloy wheel discount
Calibre alloy wheel discount range

Calibre offer a wide range of alloy wheels for a large selection of vehicles and have became one of the most trusted brands in the market ever since they emerged in 2009 bringing their unique designs to the market.

We have a long history with Calibre and are extremely proud to be chosen to push these fantastic deals.

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Calibre Alloy Wheels

Calibre is a brand that was created in 2009 and came with a niche design to introduce to the market. Calibre has proved to be an extremely popular brand across a wide range of the alloy wheel market sectors offering drivers the design they always wanted which other manufacturers failed to bring.

Calibre alloy wheels logo
Calibre has received great interest from some of the biggest names in the industry such as Fast Car, Performance VW, Banzai and Autosport. We are also featured on some of the UK’s greatest cars, 4×4’s, SUV’s and vans.

Alloys by Calibre to fit all vehicles

Calibre alloy wheels have a strong and reliable frame that is crafted to perfection with the finest materials. Aswell as being one of the most reliable alloy wheels in the market, Calibre offers designs that suit all type of cars, vans and 4×4’s. With one of the broadest range of designs we offer couture, contemporary and retro styles so our alloy wheels never look out of place weather they are on a BMW or Transit van.

Here at Alloy Wheels we have been offering the Calibre alloy wheels since they were first introduced to the UK market. It is a brand we trust and that customers love. All Calibre products are at the front of the alloy wheels market with their excellent attention to detail and superior craftsmanship. Being one of the leading alloy wheels brand in the UK which not only improve the look and design of your car but also improve the performance and feel of your vehicle. We can offer a first class worldwide delivery service to make sure you receive your wheels in prestige condition and as fast as possible.

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Just a small selection from the alloywheels.com Calibre range

Caibre Alloys on Finance

Since the Calibre brand is in such high demand we also offer a finance option that allows you to be flexible with your payments. You can find out more about our finance programme here.

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2016 British Touring Car Championship – New BTCC Season Preview

If you’ve been following all the latest racing news, you will already have heard all about the annual launch event for the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship 2016 that took place at Donington Park last week, and it’s not long now until the season commences at Brands Hatch (April 2/3)

BTCC Launch, 2015
BTCC Launch, 2015

BTCC 2016

As always, the cars remain the most diverse and competitive in the world, with hundreds of thousands of fans gathering trackside to experience the thrills of this intense competition. There will be 30 races, across 10 events at 9 incredible UK venues and even if you can’t make it to see them in person,

you’ll be happy to hear that BTCC fans can catch the action live on ITV; this is thanks to the long term contract that has been secured with Dunlop and ITV, who have been broadcasting the series since 2002. This partnership is set to continue until 2022 and for this period Dunlop will remain the title sponsor and official tyre supplier.

Capacity 32-Car Entry Is Biggest To Date!

It has been announced that all TOCA BTCC Licences (TBLs), which are required to gain entry, are now in operation for a capacity 32- car entry. This year will see the biggest full-season entry in BTCC history; in fact the series organisers were forced to turn away two proposed entries.

A total of 11 marques will be represented on this entry list, with the new addition of Subaru joining the contest against Honda, BMW and MG for the constructors’ and manufacturers’ honour. Subaru is the newest manufacturer, joining with four drivers of the newly unveiled Subaru Levord; this exciting line up includes Colin Turkington and Jason Plato who are both former champions, so we should be in for quite a show!

Subaru Levorg BTCC 2016
Subaru Levorg BTCC 2016

There will also be a pretty youthful energy to this year’s event as there have never been so many graduates from the BTCC Support Series competing against former champions and proven winners.

Returning Champions

According to the experts, this year is Mat Jackson’s best opportunity of his career to bag the winning title. However, Gordon Sheddon – who won the last race of the season in 2015 – is in a great position too, since his championship-winning Honda Civic Type R has been through rigorous testing and development recently in preparation for the championship. The three cars revealed by Honda at Donington Park were lead by a replica of the Integra Type R, the very car that won them the title back in 2006. With their distinctive black/orange livery and a history of drivers winning 4 out of 5 recent BTCC titles, this team is sure to stand out from the crowd.

Halfords Yuasa Honda Civic Type R BTCC
Halfords Yuasa Honda Civic Type R BTCC

Last year, we saw five former title holders battling it out for the number one spot on the final day, and according to Alan Gow (Administrator and Series Director of BTCC) ‘this season will be as hard to call as it ever has been’.

Who do you think has a fighting chance of securing the winner’s title this season? Let us know your predictions!

When the snow goes

Once the Snow Goes

When the Snow Goes – Alloys Wheels Sweden, Denmark & Norway

When the weather in colder countries such as Sweden, Denmark and Norway Stockholmgets warmer, there’s no longer a need for gritting the roads. When grit from the road de-icing hits the shiny alloys, it causes corrosion. Because of this, during the winter periods it is highly recommended to use winter wheels. However, once the weather gets warmer, the need to have winter wheels recedes. Although winter wheels are a great idea during the winter weather, they don’t look very nice for when the weather picks up. At Alloywheels.com, we are one of the internet’s largest retailers of alloy wheels shipping throughout Scandinavia. If you take a look at our website, there are thousands of different alloy wheels to choose from. We have lots of different respected brands for sale at cost efficient prices.

Popular Vehicles

Great wheels make a car. To fully make your vehicle stand out, you need to have a wheel that gives the best finishing touch, making the car unique to you. Alloywheels.com stock a large range of different shape and sizes of alloy wheels, including the Alloywheels.com exclusive Project A. One of our most popular Winter Wheelsranges, the aforementioned Project A, show off a car’s true beauty. Project A wheels are manufactured in Europe, made with only the best materials, and are designed to be affordable. Project A wheels were originally created with the user in mind. They were developed knowing that there is a gap in the market for a type of wheel that both fits and suits any type of car. From a Ford Fiesta to a Mini Cooper, or from a Volkswagen Polo to a BMW i8, Project A wheels give a brand new lease of life to any vehicle.

Contact the Team

The AlloyWheels.com team are available to take your questions from 8am – 5pm GMT on 01702 545689 or you can chat to us on our website’s livechat on www.alloywheels.com. Hurry and purchase your brand new set of alloy wheels before the summer season sneaks up on you.