5 Iconic 90’s F1 Liveries

In 1992 the world was a fast moving, technologically evolving place. CD’s were becoming more widespread, the internet became available to the average household (although it would be some years before it was commonplace) and Formula 1 was full of wide track, technologically advanced machines, bristling with the latest computer technology including ABS, active suspension, traction control and more! Benetton F1‘s green and yellow charger for ’92 signalled the rise of Benetton as a real F1 force and Michael Schumacher as a star of the future.

3) Camel Benetton Ford B192 1992

Nigel Mansell and the legendary Williams FW14b walked the championship with Mansell winning 9 races on his way to the title but behind them Benetton and Mclaren fought for second in the title race with the customer and works Ford engines.

Michael Schumacher won a brilliantly exciting Belgian Grand prix at Spa as Mansell’s Williams faltered, the revolutionary high-nose Benetton taking a commanding win in the soon-to-be legends hands. Partnered by future commentator and F1 journeyman, Martin Brundle, Benetton’s B192 was a confident step forward over previous designs. Brundle had a great year, coming off the back of a hugely successful sportscar campaign, the man to run Senna closest in F3 achieved a handful of podiums and nearly won in Belgium.

The car was a vision of 90’s brilliance! Green, yellow, tobacco advertising and typical Benetton flair! The big fat slicks, large, scooping front wing and a (at the time) unique high nose marked the car as a classic.

Martin Brundle, Camel Benetton Ford B192
Martin Brundle, Camel Benetton Ford B192