5 Iconic 90’s F1 Liveries

They just don’t do liveries like they used to! To tide you over until the new season starts, we’ll be running through our top 5 iconic F1 liveries from the 90’s. Over the course of the next week we will be uploading a blog per day, detailing just why we love them!

5) West Mclaren Mercedes MP4/13 1998

It seems everyone loves the 90’s right now and you can’t move for people in round glasses, sweatshirts and high-top trainers reminiscing about East 17 and longing after an Escort Cosworth.  Well, maybe not, but the 90’s revival seems like it’s here to stay, Replace the glasses, trainers and sports wear with V10 engines, big fat slick tyres and iconic liveries and we’re right there with them.

It was all change in Formula 1 for 1998 with new rules and regulations ushering in change throughout the paddock and although this one doesn’t have the slick tyres, it ticks all the boxes elsewhere. Hakkinen, Mercedes, Bridgestone, Newey, all the ingredients were there for the MP4/13 to be the car to put McLaren back on top. At the start of the season, it looked like the black and silver cars would simply dominate the championship. In the end Mika Hakkinen and David Coulthard made the most of the Newey design to win 9 races on their way to the constructors and drivers world championship.

David Coulthard - West Mclaren Mercedes MP4/13 1998
David Coulthard – West Mclaren Mercedes MP4/13 1998

Thanks to designer Adrian Newey, the car was the class of the field, making the most of the new narrow-track regulations and the new brigestone grooved tyres, maximising the aerodynamic grip of the car. Only Michael Schumacher in the much improved Ferrari F300 was able to stop the silver and black cars making it a clean sweep!

David Coulthard - West Mclaren Mercedes MP4/13 1998
Mika Hakkinen – West Mclaren Mercedes MP4/13 1998

The sleek design, low drooping nose, simple aero and the mix of silver, black and red made the mp4/13 a modern classic. The west livery ran until the 2006 season where Mclaren switched to the familiar red and chrome that would come to prominence during the era of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton.

Here’s Mika Hakkinen & David Coulthard finishing first and second in the opening round of the 1998 season in Melbourne, Australia. Commentary comes courtesy of the legendary Murray Walker!