5 Iconic 90’s F1 Liveries

1996; The spice girls, Oasis vs, Blur, Euro 96… that Paul Gascoigne goal and of course in the world of F1, Damon Hill. After years of near misses, Hill made it good in ’96 with this vision in blue and white!

4) Rothmans Williams Renault FW18 1996

Back in 1996 the F1 field was full of bright, colourful machines, adorned with a vast array of sponsors (unlike the monochrome, largely blank bilboards of today…We’re looking at you, McLaren) and the pick of the bunch was the Williams FW18.

Decked out in classic Rothmans colours, the FW18 was as fast as it was beautiful and carried Damon Hill & Jacques Villeneuve to the drivers and constructors world titles, with Hill taking 8 wins to Villeneuve’s 4. Another Adrian Newey design, the FW18 pushed the boundaries of aerodynamics and the regulations with their unique take on ‘high cockpit sides’.

Damon Hill & Jacques Villeneuve, Rothmans Williams Renault FW18, 1996
Damon Hill, Rothmans Williams Renault FW18 1996

In contrast to the Williams, the 1996 field was awash with ugly, bloated cars, struggling to adapt to the new regulations. Just see the ’96 Ferrari F310 for comparison!

Is there anything more nostalgic than seeing Damon Hill staring out of the cockpit of the Williams en route to another pole position? (He started on the front row at every grand prix that year)!


The classic Rothmans livery would see one more season in 1997 before being replaced by another Rothmans group brand, Winfield, and the Williams cars would take on a red and yellow colour scheme.

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